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International Cuisine

Homemade Greek, Middle Eastern, and Eastern European entrees including spanakopita, hand stuffed cabbage/grape leaves, pierogis, shish kebab, and lamb shanks just to name a few.
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Home-Made Pastries

A delicious variety of cookies, pastries, and other international treats that will surely satisfy your sweet tooth.
Click here for our menuNew this year, we will have a Coffee Bar with a selection of flavored and specialty coffees. Also available this year: Authentic GREEK Coffee.

Live Music

Greek Band, DJ and local artists will perform live throughout the event. More to follow.


GIANT 50/50 Raffle – Last Year’s winner took home over $7,700. Please get your tickets ASAP and enter to WIN!
Capsule Booth – features chances to win from a large inventory of prizes

Frozen Foods Pre-Sale


A savory mixture of spinach & flavorful cheese and herbs baked in a thin layer of Phyllo dough.
Sm $15
Lg $45

Saurkraut Pierogi

Sauerkraut wrapped in a light dough, cooked in butter & onion sauce.
Bag of 12 for $7

Potato Pierogi

Potato and Cheese wrapped in a light dough, cooked in butter & onion sauce.
Bag of 12 for $7

Stuffed Cabbage

Cabbage stuffed with meat, rice and sautéed onion mixture. Served with a savory sauce.
1 Tray of 10 $35

Meat Pies

Delicately flavored fresh savory meat mixture wrapped in light dough.
5 for $15

Spinach Pies

Delicately flavored fresh spinach mixture wrapped in light dough.
5 for $15

Syrian String Cheese

2 Cheeses for $11


A sweet Greek spice cooking made with cinnamon & cloves, soaked in honey syrup & sprinkled with walnust and cinnamon
6 for $9.00

Apricot Rolls

A Greek Pastry where apricot filling is wrapped in layers of phyllo dough & sprinkled with powdered sugar.
6 for $11.00 (frozen unbaked)

Pasta Flora

A Greek pastry with lemony cookie crust, filled with fruit preserves & a latticework topping
4 for $8.00 (frozen-just thaw & serve)


A rich, sweet Greek pastry mad eo fmany layers of paper-think phyllo dough filled with chopped walnuts & sweetened in a syrup of honey, lemon and cinnamon
4 for $14.00


A rich, sweet Middle Eastern pastry made of many layers of paper-thin phyllo dough filled with chopped pistachios & sweetened in a syrup of mazaheri (orange blossom)
4 for $14.00


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P: (201) 568-8840

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